Here at Cotton Tail Equine with Natural Vet Palm Beach we are proud to offer Aquatread services to our clients. Aquatread provides a way for your horse to have safe, therapeutic exercise in a controlled environment. Using our underwater treadmill, your horse can reap the same benefits of running on the track without the risk of stress or injury. In many ways, the underwater feature of Aquatread allows for increased strengthening and support for muscles and tendons. Additionally, it can improve stride length and tighten core muscles in the stomach, all while providing a cooling, massage-like effect on the limbs. This hydrotherapy is ideal for horses recovering from injury or surgery.

Aquatread is very user friendly, and with variable speeds and inclines, this therapy can be modified to help your horse no matter the starting point. The water level is adjustable as well as the temperature to allow for a wide variety of options when it comes to your horse’s therapy.

Our team is well trained in preparing horses for the Aquatread experience, and will guide your horse through each step of the therapy. If you believe your horse can benefit from Aquatread or if you’d like more information, contact the Natural Vet team to schedule an appointment, office (561) 356-4657.