Our Philosophy

At Natural Vet we specialize in a comprehensive medical approach to sport medicine. Every exam incorporates the science of Western medicine and the art of Eastern medicine to deliver accurate diagnose and effective treatment. Our goal is to bring your horse or small animal comfort, healing, and improved performance.

We specialize in Injury Prevention and the treatment of:

✦ Joint and soft tissue pain or injury
✦ Performance issues, and difficulty advancing in training
✦ Nerve Pain/Paralysis
✦ Metabolic Diseases such as Cushing’s, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Anhydrosis (Non-Sweating).
✦ Lameness diagnosis
✦ Difficult to diagnose conditions

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Our practice is based out of Florida with a Main Office located in Wellington, FL.

Additional Areas of Service:
New York (Westchester and Long Island), Colorado

During the Summer we have regularly scheduled trips to our areas of additional service in order to continue to tend to our winter clients.

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